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Optional Amenities

A Touch of Elegance

Wedding Day Blossoms

All flower prices are estimates or starting prices. Please feel free to send us some inspiration photos of your own that a florists can create for you.  Be sure to check with your wedding planner first, as they normally place all wedding and reception floral orders for you.

Light Up Your Reception

Miscellaneous Amenities


Ala Carte Ceremony Options:
Live Ceremony Musician      $200

Ceremony Sound Tech           $175  *highly recommend for all ceremonies over 30 guests
Includes one wireless microphone for minister and sound system for your own
pre recorded music, or your special musical request can be made with sound tech prior to your date.
Add in standing microphone for ceremony speakers or musicians as needed: $50
Décor Set up: For parties who do not need full planning services, includes set up of all your décor items
Ceremony décor set up. Cost based on all that you need assistance with    Starting at $25
Reception décor set up. Cost based on all that you need assistance with    Starting at $50

Reception Music:

DJ’s (3 hour minimum) $225-250 / per hour
Live Reception Musician (2 hour minimum) $200/per hour
Reception Sound Technician $450      Ceremony and Reception Combo $550
($600 Molokini Lookout ceremony site combo)
Includes one technician, dance lights, sound system, cocktail and dinner music. You may provide your own dance music with pre-recorded iPod, iPad, for the tech to play. Or if you wish, tech may supply all music for you and can take your prior arranged song requests.  Tech will manage the play list and volume for you all thru cocktail hour, dinner and into dancing for a worry free party. Use of your cell phone for your wedding ceremony or reception music is not permitted. The sound tech will not be able to use your phone for your dance music.

Please note that there is no internet access at Gannon’s for your wedding music, no Pandora, no Spotify, etc

Bose Sound System $300  (for your personal iPod, iPad or mp3 player, NO dancing) Upper Pond or Lower Pond ONLY.  Bose is permitted on Lower Lawn only if you DO NOT wish to have any dancing.
All music options must be approved by Gannon’s or your wedding planner. You are NOT permitted to bring in your own speaker system of any type.

Lower lawn dance floor rental and required if you have any dancing  $150

Private Buyout dance floor rental and required if you have any dancing  $600


Wedding Reception Entertainment Options:

AV equipment (includes projection screen, projector, sound system) $500 starts at
Hula Dancers $150 per dancer, no drums permitted
Lei Greeter $150,plus the cost of leis for the guests
Shave Ice Stand (please inquire about pricing and packages) Cost starts at $400
Photo booth (please inquire about pricing and packages) Costs start at $900


4.166% sales tax • 20% coordination fee will be added to ALL items you order direct with Gannon’s.

Feel free to inquire about options or items not listed.

Photo credits to: Anna Kim Photography, Ashley Camper Photography, Caprice Nicole Photography, Kaua Wedding Photography, Naomi Levit Photography, Scott Drexler Photography, Sean Michael Hower Photography